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3/4" Ultra Hardened Nail

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3/4" Ultra Hardened Nail
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Product Details

3/4" Hardened Nail For The Toughest Suspended Ceiling Wall Angle Installations

Installing wall angle directly to concrete block or other hard sustrate? Strictly Ceilings offers the 3/4" hardended nail for ultra hard mortar joints, concrete block and brick. These nails will not bend or break when installing into hard concrete block or mortar. Great for use when other nails bend or fail because of substrate hardness. If installing into wood, standard mortar joints or porous block try the 1-1/4" hardened nail as well.

  • Ultra hard 3/4" nail will penetrate hard cementous substrate
  • Won't bend like other nails
  • Great for direct block penetration
  • Incredible holding power for wall angle and other applications
  • May come in either black or zinc coated
  • A must have for any ceiling installer

Get started on your DIY ceiling repair sooner when you buy ceiling installation hardware online from Strictly Ceilings.

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