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Suspended Ceiling Grid Options

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Introduction to Ceiling Grid
In this video, Tim explains the differences between the standard 15/16" grid and the 9/16" grid. These are the most commonly used ceiling grid sizes for residential and commercial projects.

Suspended Ceiling Grid Systems Offer Tremendous Flexibility and Style

Drop Ceiling grid styles are so varied your use of them is limited only by your imagination. If your imagination isn’t limited, then neither are they! Strictly Ceilings is the suspended ceiling experts who makes your ceiling dreams come true. Check out our how-to videos and learn how to Install suspended Ceiling Grid like a professional! Strictly Ceilings will walk you through all the choices and help you select the best combination of aesthetics and affordability.

Grid Ceiling InstallationSuspended Ceiling Grid Basics

A suspended ceiling grid system is a metal framework that is usually in a 2’x2’ or 2’x4’ pattern and consists of 12' main runners, 4' cross tees, 2' cross tees and wall angle. If you’re just starting out, you may want to watch our video on The Basics of Suspended Ceilings. A suspended ceiling, drop ceiling or ‘false’ ceiling grid system is installed in both commercial and residential locations. They are installed a least 4” down and hang from wires that are secured to the structure above. They are easy to install if you have the right person showing you how. Check out our how-to video on Grid Installation Basics to learn how to install grid like a professional.

Suspended ceiling grid is the most commonly installed ceilings for the commercial office and residential basements. They look great when they are completed and give that personal touch to your space.

Review these photos of grid ceilings installed by Strictly Ceilings. You’re sure to find one just right for you. Four million feet of installed ceilings can’t be wrong!

Grid Sizes and Designs

Suspended ceiling grids come in all different sizes, styles, and colors. The most commonly installed ceiling grid is the standard 15/16” grid commonly known as the 1” wide grid.

Don’t want your ceiling to look like a traditional suspended ceiling?

A drop ceiling grid can also be installed using a more modern looking 9/16” wide metal grid. This ceiling grid is commonly called ‘fineline’ or ‘narrow’ grid and has a more sleek and distinctive look than the classic drop ceiling grid design.

The 9/16” or fineline narrow grid also comes in different designs like the ‘Armstrong Silhouette’ grid or the USG Fineline grid, both commonly known as the ‘Bolt Slot Grid’. Other designs include the Armstrong Sonata XL or the USG Identitee ceiling grid.

View our Fineline Grid Techniques video to learn more about installing fineline grid.
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