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Drywall Suspended Ceiling Grid

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Drywall Suspended Ceiling Grid
Drywall Suspended Ceiling Grid
Closeup Of a Drywall ceiling grid frame member
Installing a Drywall suspension ceiling grid system
Tying wires for a drywall grid system
Pictures of a drywall suspended ceiling grid system
Drywall ceiling grid frame members
Light fixtures installing in a drywall suspended ceiling grid
Installing drywall on a drywall suspension ceiling grid system
Finished picture of a drywall suspended ceiling grid system

Drywall suspension ceiling grid systems are a great alternative to acoustical suspended ceiling systems when mechanicals need to be covered up and you still desire the look of a traditional drywall ceiling.  Drywall grid systems install very quickly and are used in both residential and commercial applications.  They are hung from suspended ceiling wires, just like the traditional drop ceiling system. Learn how to build a drywall ceiling grid system right here.

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Drywall Grid Systems: The Versatile Option

A suspended drywall ceiling grid system gives you additional flexibility when compared to a traditional drywall or plaster ceiling. You can install a drywall suspended ceiling system anywhere in both commercial and residential applications. They work very well in apartment buildings and condos where the mechanicals need to remain independent for each unit and are installed above the ceiling. The drywall grid system can be suspended lower than the ductwork, wires and pipes without the expense of having to move it all while still maintaining a finished drywall ceiling look.

Dimensions of Drywall Grid

Drywall grid systems are not available at local home stores so you will need to purchase your materials from an acoustical ceiling supplier. A drywall ceiling grid system consists of a 1-1/2” wide face grid for the main beam. This wide face is convenient for screwing in drywall sheets to the main beam. All drywall grid systems have a stab type connector, not a hook connector and they install very quickly, because precision in measurement is not as much of a necessity since the grid work will not be seen. The components of a drywall suspension grid system are the same as the 15/16” standard grid system and include the 12’ main runner, 4’ cross-tee, and 12’ wall angle.

Learn more about Installing Drywall Ceiling Systems by watching our video located on the How-To page.
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