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404 - Installing Suspended Drywall Ceiling Grid Systems

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404 - Installing Suspended Drywall Ceiling Grid Systems
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How-To Install Suspended Drywall Grid Systems Like A Professional

Sometimes repairing the existing drywall or plaster ceiling isn’t an option due to a variety of factors such as duct work or gas lines. In this case, a suspended sdrywall ceiling system may be your best option. With this video from Strictly Ceilings, you’ll get easy to follow instructions on how to build a suspended drywall ceiling system which maintains the look of a hard ceiling. Please note, this video accompanies our Wires and Fasteners and Wall Angle Installation videos. If you need additional help, we recommend reviewing these. The versatility of a drywall suspension system allows them to be built almost anywhere, especially in residential homes. The end result is a clean, professional finish. No one will know the ceiling is suspended – instead they’ll be focused on the beautifully finished look of your home. This Drywall Ceiling Systems video walks you through instructions for 3 different sized rooms to accommodate all viewers’ needs. After watching, you’ll be ready to efficiently install suspended drywall ceilings in your home.

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