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Vinyl vs Metal Ceiling Grid Systems

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Vinyl vs Metal Ceiling Grid Systems
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Vinyl vs. Metal Drop Ceiling Grid - Which Type of Ceiling is Right for You?

In this free informative video, Strictly Ceilings expert Timothy Chapel guides you through the pros and cons of both vinyl and metal supended ceiling systems. Tim debunks the false myths you may have heard about vinyl or metal systems, using his 20 years of experience to exclusively give you the best, 100% true facts. The step by step evaluation of each system – as well as the real-world example of a vinyl installation project – clearly shows the pros and cons of every grid option. Tim outlines the process that accompanies each ceiling grids system, ensuring you make the proper choice for your residential or commercial drop ceiling project. You might be looking to gather more information about various grid types, or even determine whether a vinyl or metal system more accurately meets your needs. Either way, Strictly Ceilings is sure this video will help with your decision.

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