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Introduction to Lasers for Ceiling Grid

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Introduction to Lasers for Ceiling Grid
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The Best Suspended Ceiling Laser Levels

Effectively Using Lasers for Drop Ceiling Installation

In this video, Introduction to Lasers for Suspended Ceiling Grid, master ceiling installer Timothy Chapel shares with you the ultimate perspective on laser levels you’ll need. With so many types of lasers available, figuring out which model is the best for each particular situation can be a daunting chore. Luckily, Tim shares his years of expertise to save you significant time and energy. The PLS 180, for example, is a tool used frequently by the experienced installation crew at Strictly Ceilings. Lining up the Ceiling grid, installing wires, and lining up slots for T’s require expert precision. Using a Laser to level all of your grid work will help speed up the installation process. Installing your drop ceiling grid with professional balance will finally be a breeze.

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