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Drop Ceiling Grid And Tile Design Ideas And Showroom 

Let the Showroom from Strictly Ceilings give you the inspiration needed to improve any space. Drop Ceiling Tile, grid, and ceiling drops are all on display here, allowing you an all-inclusive guide to a personalized, custom suspended ceiling installation. Each home or business is unique, and its ceiling should be too. Strictly Ceilings goes beyond offering professional ceiling installation. Using the information in our Showroom, you can construct your own professional ceiling design that will meet your suspended ceiling needs and create the space you desire.

The Best Showroom For Drop Ceiling Tile Designs And Styles

With drop ceiling tile in multiple price ranges and designs, you’ll find the perfect ceiling tile fitting both your budget and your vision. Our experts will help you find the perfect ceiling tile for your project, whether you’re considering a budget-based tile for an office or looking at a luxury-focused tile to convert your basement into a theater room. We’ve got the drop ceiling tile design ideas to help you decide which ceiling tile to install for your project.

Customize Your Drop Ceiling with a Grid System

We offer multiple options for your suspended ceiling grid. The 15/16’’ standard width grid presents a classic look to your new drop ceiling, and allows more stability and flexibility if you need to installing a ceiling drop. If you don't like the look of the traditional suspeded ceiling then consider the 9/16’’ (‘narrow’ or ‘fineline’) grid system. 9/16" drop ceiling grid gives any room a more modern appearance and is also available in different styles. If you’d prefer the look of a drywall ceiling, we can also help you decide on wheather a drywall grid system will be for you.

Add Dimension to Your Basement with a Suspended Ceiling Drop

Don’t keep up with the Jones’, pass them up! Ceiling drops are a great way to personalize your ceiling, as well as an elegant solution to unsightly pipes, ductwork, or wiring. There are many types of ceiling drops and slopes. Whether you want a basic or advanced drop or want to install window well slopes to maximize sunlight through windows or stairwell slopes for extra clearance when going up and down stairs, drops and slopes will create a unique look for your project.

In addition to being your ceiling supplies Superstore, Strictly Ceilings is proud to have the most comprehensive ceiling installation video guide available.
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