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Installing Vinyl Grid Covers

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Installing Vinyl Grid Covers
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How To Install Vinyl Covers On Suspended Ceiling Grid!

Many times it isn't practical for an existing ceiling grid system to be torn down. It's may be better to either paint the ceiling grid or to install vinyl grid covers over the existing metal frame.  Sometimes it would be too much work to rebuild the entire grid system, install new light fixtures, or re-install the existing ones. Not to mention to mess involved in the demolition process. In this video, ceiling Master Timothy Chapel show you how to install vinyl grid covers over the existing drop ceiling grid system. He shows you how difficult it is and how much time it takes to install the grid covers. You'll be surprised in learning the how long it takes and whether or not it's worth it to tear the old ceiling down and replace it or just install the vinly grid covers. Tim makes sure your arsenal is armed with all the right tactics to overcome the toughest obstacles faced during this installation. Tim shows you how to install the covers, the advantages and disadvantages of installing vinyl covers versus replacing the grid entirely, and discusses typical costs involved for each project. It’s time you learn all you need to know about installing vinyl grid covers from a professional point of view. So let’s get started!

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