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203 - Drop Ceiling Wall Angle Installation

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203 - Drop Ceiling Wall Angle Installation
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Drop Ceiling Wall Angle Installation Made Easy

Installing wall angle for a suspended ceiling is often the simplest part of the drop ceiling installation process. Even so, it’s still an incredibly important aspect, since the wall angle supports the main runners and cross tees along the perimeter of the ceiling. This how-to video covers drop ceiling wall angle installation in both residential and commercial buildings. No matter if your studs are made of wood or steel, or if you’re installing the suspended ceiling up against concrete block walls, this video walks you through the installation methods and fasteners needed to correctly install the wall angle. This video accommodates all types of viewers, from seasoned professionals to those just beginning their first project. Drop ceiling expert Timothy Chapel outlines the various tools you need and gives helpful tips on the quickest way to get the wall angle installed on irregular shaped or bowed walls. This video will have you well on your way to constructing a professional, high-quality suspended ceiling.

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