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202 - Installing Drop Ceiling Wires & Fasteners

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202 - Installing Drop Ceiling Wires & Fasteners
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Learn How to Properly Support Your New Drop Ceiling

Choosing the correct fasteners and hanger wires for your suspended ceiling project is an integral part of every drop ceiling installation. The wire placement and fastener strength is the foundation of your ceiling, and will either make installing the suspended ceiling grid and tiles a breeze or lead to a lot of rework. The wires and fasteners are installed after you have determined the layout and border sizes (if you’re unfamiliar with this step, we recommend viewing the Basic Layout or Advanced Layout drop ceiling videos available in our collection. The step by step process outlined here ensures your suspended ceiling installation is properly supported for years of use. With tips on what types of wires are available, along with multiple applications for each type of wire and fastener, Timothy Chapel once again provides you with valuable information for residential and commercial suspended ceiling projects. From bar joists to wood joists, our Wires & Fasteners Installation video from Strictly Ceilings offers valuable insight on the quickest ways to complete your drop ceiling project in the smoothest way possible.

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