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301 - Laying Out Your Suspended Ceiling - Advanced

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301 - Laying Out Your Suspended Ceiling - Advanced
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No Blueprints? No Problem!

Our suspended ceiling Advanced Layout video addresses the more complex techniques needed in layout planning (if you haven't viewed Laying Out Your Suspended Ceiling – Basic, you might want to start with that one first). Timothy Chapel prepares you to work with irregularly shaped rooms in a variety of different settings. Even if there are not blue prints available to work with, you’ll be able to navigate any form of potential roadblock by getting the layout right the first time. Imagine a high-quality finished product and saving yourself hours of redoing work!

We start with determining main runner and joist direction, then progress to equalizing the ceiling tile borders and maximizing the lighting layout potential. This video gives a comprehensive overview of nearly everything you need to get the most complicated drop ceiling project completed in the most professioanl way possible. Tim provides guidance for important questions which are likely to come up during your DIY suspended ceiling installation. Advanced Layout is also a valuable resource for insider tips on reducing your material scrap and eliminating wasteful expenses. Master ceiling installer Tim utilizes multiple real-world examples and carefully lines out each step. After viewing this video, you’ll be able to map out various rooms quickly and easily, ensuring your finished project is exactly how you want it. Definitely a valuable resource for a drop ceiling install.

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