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302 - Drop Ceiling Grid Installation - Advanced

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302 - Drop Ceiling Grid Installation - Advanced
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Enhance Your Suspended Ceiling Grid Installation Skills

Some projects require more than just basic knowledge of drop ceiling installation. With our Advanced Grid Installation video, you’ll learn an assortment of grid techniques and configurations to give your ceiling a clean, modern look. Using abbreviated grid install techniques, master ceiling installer Timothy Chapel addresses a wide variety of installation issues you may encounter. This video is a continuation of the basic grid installation video, and we highly recommend having a solid grasp of the basic skills before tackling the more advanced techniques. If you’re installing a suspended ceiling which is not straightforward, or have a layout that involves cross-hatching the grid, this video coaches you through the steps to work around common obstacles. From angled walls to custom grid profiles, our guide gives easy-to-understand instructions for successfully navigating and completing a more complex suspended ceiling grid installation, no matter what obstacles you may face. With advice from the worlds #1 drop ceiling installer Timothy Chapel, soon you too will be able to construct suspended ceilings like an expert.

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