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303 - 9/16" Ceiling Grid Techniques

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303 - 9/16" Ceiling Grid Techniques
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It's All About Drop Ceiling Technique

Just like one tiny rudder steers a massive ship, the smallest technique while installing drop ceiling grid will determine the success and speed of the installing process. 9/16" Narrow suspended ceiling grid can be extremely flimsy before it’s entirely secured and requires particular care while installing. Likewise, there are very distinct differences of the ceiling grid installation process while installing 9/16" grid. You can drastically improve the look of your drop ceiling using the 9/16" Armstrong Suprafine XL suspended ceiling grid system but proper installation is necessary because if not done correctly you will have major problems later on when you install the ceiling tile. If you have chosen to install the Donn Centricitee DXT 9/16" or the Armstrong Suprafine XL narrow grid system over the standard 15/16" ceiling grid system, then you need to watch this video. It just may save you hours of installation time. You don’t want your final outcome to be a sloppy finished job, do you? Of course not! Let the Master himself, Timothy Chapel, guide you through Fineline Grid Techniques in order to achieve the ceiling of your dreams.

The ceiling materials and supplies offered by Strictly Ceilings, paired with our series of ceiling installation videos, make for an unbeatable combination.
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