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304 - Repairing Ceiling Tile

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304 - Repairing Ceiling Tile
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Simple Ways to Repair Your Ceiling Tiles

Repairing unsightly suspended ceiling tiles becomes quick and easy with this how-to video from Strictly Ceilings. No matter the reason your tiles are damaged, ceiling expert Timothy Chapel walks you through how to fix them. Considering you won’t have to go out and replace all of the tiles, our Repairing Ceiling Tile video is an excellent resource for saving you time and money. Water-stained or damaged tiles used to mean the tile got thrown out and new ones needed to be ordered and properly fitted. Thanks to instructions from the master himself, you can now spare yourself massive headaches via simple (and sometimes unconventional) repair techniques. Clean, non-damaged tiles are important in any home or commercial business and leave people with a good first impression. With our tips and superior PRO-SERIES tools, you’ll improve the look and add to the longevity of your drop ceiling tiles for years to come.

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