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15/16" Suspended Ceiling Grid

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Standard Drop Ceiling Grid - (15/16")
Standard Drop Ceiling Grid - (15/16")
Armstrong 15/16 Grid with USG Sandrift #808
15/16 Drop Ceiling Grid With Armstrong Ultima #1910
15/16 Drop Ceiling Grid With Armstrong Ceiling Tile #868
15/16 White Drop Ceiling Grid In Bathroom
Drop Ceiling Standard Grid 15/16
4 Level Suspended Ceiling Grid Design with 15/16 & 9/16 Grid

The standard Armstrong Prelude XL 7300 15/16", Donn DX24 DXL24 and Chicago Metallic brand drop ceiling grid is the most commonly used grid size for both commercial and residential projects. You won't go wrong when choosing this drop ceiling grid because most any conventional tile purchased will easily fit in this grid system.  This suspended ceiling grid system is readily available at most local home stores and all commercial ceiling suppliers. It is also available in our Superstore by Strictly Ceilings in large quantities.

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15/16 inch Grid System: The Classic Design for Your Ceiling

If you’re considering a dropped ceiling in your home or office, you’ll want flexibility with the ceiling grid system. You can see what the drop ceiling grid looks like before you purchase it. The Strictly Ceilings® Showroom allows you to preview options from the best-known drop ceiling grid manufacturers like Armstrong, USG and Chicago Metallic.

The most cost-effective and commonly installed suspended ceiling grid system is the metal 15/16” width grid system. The standard 15/16 inch ceiling grid system is often referred to as the 1” grid system and has a more visible face than the narrow 9/16 inch grid. It can be installed in 2x4 design as well as 2x2 grid patterns. The main components of a grid system are the 12’ main runner, the 4’ cross-tee, the 2’ cross-tee and the 12’ wall angle. To learn more, view our free video on The Basics of Suspended Ceilings.

When there are large areas to cover, the standard 15/16” grid is the industry’s most-used drop ceiling grid for both commercial and residential suspended ceiling projects. This grid system gives you the greatest installation flexibility because drop ceiling tiles can be purchased locally for this grid. If your application will require building suspended ceiling drops, installing a 15/16" ceiling grid system will be your best choice. Suspended ceiling drops install easier with 15/16" grid because of its wider face. See our video on Building Suspended Ceiling Drops – Basic to learn more about building drops.

The two main types of grid connection systems are a stab system or hook system. Both systems are simple to install. However, the stab system does not come apart very easily if you ever need to remove it or access something behind the grid. Though it can be used anywhere, the stab system is typically used in areas where there is known seismic activity.

The hook type system goes together and comes apart easily – this is an advantage if you are installing a ceiling where there is minimal clearance between the grid and the ceiling joists or ductwork. You may have to take a piece of grid work apart to get your ceiling tile installed and it will then go back together easily. If you need to know how to install ceiling tile, check out our video on Ceiling Tile Installation.

Benefits Of The Standard 15/16" Suspension Ceiling Grid System

One important advantage of the standard 15/16” drop ceiling grid system, is that it’s relatively easy to install. If you need some help installing grid, check out our video on Basic Ceiling Grid Installation (or Advanced Ceiling Grid Installation) on our How-To page. Drop Ceiling tiles for the 15/16” standard grid are universal and can be purchased at just about any local home store. There are also many additional options available in the 15/16” width grid. If you need to install your grid in an area with high humidity, the exposed face of the ceiling grid can be purchased in an aluminum-clad face. This type of ceiling grid is typically used in bathrooms or commercial kitchens. If your drop ceiling application is a food-processing area, wet locations such as showers, or chemical handling areas, you can purchase the suspended ceiling grid in a 100% aluminum frame and face thereby eliminating any chance of corrosion.

15/16” drop ceiling grid is also offered in many special order colors. However, you should note that colors other than white or black are typically much more costly as they are special order. What does drop ceiling grid cost? Typical costs for a 15/16” ceiling grid system is approximately $.70 - $.80 per square foot for an uninstalled grid system. This price includes all grid, wall angle, wires, and fasteners.

Most 15/16 inch ceiling grid systems are at least 25% recycled content, making your grid choice eco-friendly. Feel good about construction of your ceiling beyond the appearance.

Master do-it-yourself ceiling grid installation by viewing the Basic or Advanced videos in our How-To Ceiling Installation video series!
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