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"Best Ceiling Contractors Ever"

Best ceiling contractors ever - My home was on sale, but the basement's ceiling wasn't completed and we had a lot of buyers complaining about it. So I got quotes from many contractors, and I was in a hurry to get it done. Tim came on Wednesday and gave me a very competitive quote and said he'd get it done on Monday. During this time, i called the city's building inspector to check if we need a permit to put in a drop in ceiling. At first the inspector said that he would need a permit, and Tim was the only contractor willing to draw up plans. Fortunately, the inspector called back and said that we didn't need a permit since the previous owners had already pulled a permit to finish the basement. On Monday, Feb 25th, Tim showed up at my house at 6:45 am with two other crew members and started working on the ceiling. He brought some nice tiles with a design instead of plain tiles, even though my budget for ceiling tiles was low. He and his crew had the whole ceiling installed by 3 pm, and they cleaned up after themselves, including dusting all my furniture in the basement. A job very well done within budget and on time. I wish I could give Tim a seven star rating because I have worked with many contractors over the last few months, and his commitment and sincerity is unmatchable. Thank you, Tim! – Les J.

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