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Unbelievable Ceiling Installation Services at Low Rates

This company is UNBELIEVABLE to say the least. What professionalism. When I started looking for someone to install the ceilings at my dental office, I realized very quickly that not many companies do this. I ended up discovering AAA (which also goes by the name Strictly Ceilings) and I had them meet me at the office at 7:00 am. First off, to get someone to meet me that early was great because I didn't have to stop what I was doing in between clients. Tim brought samples of tiles and gave me a quote right there. The quote was 40% lower than the next company. They did a fantastic job and were in and out in 2 days!!! I already told him about an expansion to the 2nd floor and that he'll get that too. Thanks Tim you made my life a little easier. – YP user, Homeforthewinter

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