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402 - Building Stairwell Slopes

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402 - Building Stairwell Slopes
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Increase The Headroom At The Bottom Of Your Basement 

This video teaches you how to get increased headroom at the bottom of your steps using conventional drop ceiling material. As another continuation of the Building Suspended Ceiling Drops - Basic video, Drop ceiling professional Timothy Chapel walks you through the stages of installing a stairwell slope out of drop ceiling material base of your stairs. It can be confusing to try it yourself, although with this video from Strictly Ceilings, your basement will have the finishing touch that it needs. Tim has installed countless stairwell slopes and in this video he walks you through every challenging obstacle you may encounter, ensuring a perfect drop ceiling that has the perfect finishing touch. Tim has installed more than 4.5 million sq ft of suspended ceilings in over 20 years. You wont find this experience anywhere else.

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