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401 - Tricks of the Trade

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401 - Tricks of the Trade
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Finish Your Suspended Ceiling Faster

Installing an acoustical ceiling efficiently is a skill developed over time. You can kick-start the process with our Tricks of the Trade video. Seasoned professionals often get the job done quickly and with minimal effort, while novice workers often scramble to keep up. Our drop ceiling expert Timothy Chapel shares his personal trade secrets and industry tricks so you too can begin maximizing your work, using less and less time. This video covers the proper tools you’ll need, along with tips for preventing and fixing common suspended ceiling installation mistakes. For learning ceilnig grid tricks like installing a MIM (it will decrease grid and tile installation time by 25%), Tim saves you money and valuable time on your ceiling construction projects. After viewing Tricks of the Trade, even the most novice workers are able to begin working more efficiently and professionally on both residential and commercial projects. No matter your experience level or project difficulty, this video is a valuable time-saving tool. Here's the list of tips and tricks.

(1)     Tips for drop ceiling grid installation

(2)    How to install drop ceilings 25% faster

(3)    Installing a 2’ jump into the ceiling grid

(4)   How to prevent ceiling tiles from get damaged while installing

(5)    Installing a drop ceiling tile around a pipe

(6)   Installing drop ceiling tiles in tight locations under ductwork or piping

(7)    Installing a difficult revealed edge/drop down ceiling tile on the perimeter in 1 step

(8)   Installing drop ceiling tiles around sprinkler heads

(9)   How to quickly cover pipes that hang below the drop ceiling

(10)  Quickly installing rectangle heating diffusers into the ceiling tiles

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