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306 - Building Drop Ceiling Window Well Slopes

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306 - Building Drop Ceiling Window Well Slopes
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Build a Suspended Ceiling Window Well Slope In Your Basement Like A Pro

Many basements lack natural light, and when performing a drop ceiling installation in the basement, the last thing you want to do is reduce that natural light coming in from the window. You can create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere in your basement by building and installing window well slopes with our helpful video (we recommend you watch our Building Stairwell Slopes video first to review installation procedures needed prior to this video). Drop Ceiling Window well slopes are fairly easy to build, and look exquisite when finished. You typically don’t have to purchase additional building materials to complete the ceiling project. With the help of Strictly Ceilings’ master installer Timothy Chapel, you’ll learn how to assess your current layout, build the window slope, brace the vertical tiles, and much more. We’re confident you’ll be able to install a suspended ceiling window well slope without any frustration or problems. Start maximizing the light and usage out of your basement windows today with this helpful instructional video.

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