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High End Suspended Ceiling Tile

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Tile - Armstrong Cirrus - 2x2, 2x4
2x2 Armstrong Cirrus #584 & Ceiling Drop
2x2 Armstrong Cirrus #584 with 15/16
Armstrong Cirrus #584,589 Drop Ceiling Tile
Ceiling Drop using Armstrong #584
2x2 Ceiling Tile, Armstrong #584
Armstrong #584 Drop Ceiling Tile

Armstrong Cirrus Ceiling Tile

The Armstrong Cirrus drop ceiling tile is a great high-end tile for both residential and commercial applications.  Looks great in basements and office spaces.

2x2 Armstrong Cirrus Ceiling Tile #- 584, 589, 534, 538, 572, 576, 578,

2x4 Armstrong Cirrus Ceiling Tile #- 535, 539, 581, 583 

PDF Spec. Sheet 1
Tile - Armstrong Cirrus Profiles - 2x2
2x2 Armstrong Cirrus Ceiling Tile #557, 628
2x2 Armstrong Profiles Ceiling Tile #590, 628, 557, 591
2x2 Cirrus Profiles Classic Steps Ceiling Tile #590, 585, 626, 591

Armstrong Cirrus Profiles Ceiling Tile

The Armstrong Cirrus Profiles drop ceiling tile is a super high-end tile.  Looks great in both basement remodel applications and historical buildings. Cirrus Profiles Provides provides a look that is non-traditional but the cost of this tile is extremely high.

2x2 Armstrong Cirrus Profiles Ceiling Tile #- 557, 585, 590, 591, 626, 628,

PDF Spec. Sheet 1
Tile - Armstrong Ultima - 2x2, 2x4
2x2 Armstrong Ulitima #1912 In 1/4 Silhouette Grid
2x2 Ultima #1912 in Suprafine XL Grid
Armstrong 2x2 Ultima #1910 in Prelude XL Grid
2x2 Armstrong Ultima #1912
2x2 Armstrong Ultima #1912 in VW Dealership
Armstrong Ultima In Modern Office
Armstrong Ultima #1912 Acoustical Tile In Silohette Grid

Armstrong Ultima Ceiling Tile

The 2x2 Armstrong Ultima drop ceiling tile is one of Tim's favorites!  This fabric-faced, modern-look tile gives you the best of all drop ceiling tile features.  Easy to install and available in tegular or flat versions!

2x2 Armstrong Ultima Ceiling Tile #- 1910, 1911, 1912, 1920, 1935, 1936, 1937, 1941, 1942, 1951, 1952

2x4 Armstrong Ultima Ceiling Tile #- 1913, 1914, 1915, 1938, 1944, 1945

PDF Spec. Sheet 1 PDF Spec. Sheet 2
Tile - Armstrong Cleanroom VL - 2x2, 2x4
Armstrong VL Ceiling Tile #869
Armstrong Cleanroom Drop Ceiling Tile
Armstrong 2x2 Unperforated Acoustical Ceiling Tile
Armstrong #868 Washable Vinyl Laminated Suspended Ceiling Tile

Armstong VL Ceiling Tile

The Armstrong VL ceiling tile is a washable tile that is a high-priced alternative to the standard vinyl sheetrock tile.  It's advantage is that it's easier to install and is available with some sound-absorbing characteristics.

Armstong VL 2x2 Ceiling Tile #- 868, 869

Armstong VL 2x4 Ceiling Tile #- 870, 871

PDF Spec. Sheet 1
Tile - CertainTeed Symphony F - 2x2, 2x4, 2x6, 2x8
CertainTeed Symphony F 24 x 60 #1341-IOF-1 Ceiling Tile
1322-IOF-1 24 x 24 x 3/4 Fiberglass Symphony F Drop Ceiling Tile
1358-IOF-1 24 x 72 x 1 Certainteed Symphony F Acsoustical Ceiling Panel

CertainTeed Symphony F

The Certainteed Symphony F is a high-priced tile with a modern look and a fiberglass core.  Designed for excellent sound absorption, this fabric faced acoustical ceiling tile is high quality and easy to install!

Certainteed Symphony F is available in 2', 4', 5', 6' 8'

Acoustical Tile #-1322-IOF-1, 1320-IOF-1, 1342-IOF-1, 1340-IOF-1, 1341-IOF-1, 1358-IOF-1, 1346-IOF-1, 1349-IOF-1, 1344-IOF-1, 1362-IOF-1, 1360-IOF-1, 1366-IOF-1, 1364-IOF-1 

PDF Spec. Sheet 1
Tile - CertainTeed Symphony M - 2x2, 2x4, 2x5
Certainteed Symphony M C1222-IOF-1 Ceiling Tile In Entrance
2x2 Symphony M C1222-IOF-1 Acoustical Ceiling Tile In Office
Suspended Ceiling Tile 2x2 Certainteed Symphony M
Certainteed Symphony M Picture Of Drop Ceiling Tile In Hallway

Certainteed Symphony M

The CertainTeed Symphony M ceiling tile is a high-end tile with a classy look that is great for both residential and commercial projects. It features a fabric face for a modern look and high acoustics for outstanding performance.

Certainteed Sym M 2x2 Ceiling Tile #- C1222-IOF-1

Certainteed Sym M 2x4 Ceiling Tile #- C1220-IOF-1

Certainteed Sym M 2x5 Ceiling Tile #- C1221-IOF-1

PDF Spec. Sheet 1
Tile - Cleanroom FRP - 2x2, 2x4
FRP Drop Ceiling Tile In Bio Chemical Plant
FRP Suspended Ceiling Tile in Bio Culture Room
Waterproof FRP Ceiling Tile In Pro Biotics Factory
100% Water and Chemical Proof Ceiling Tile in Mixing Plant
FRP Ceiling Tile In Food Prep Area Of Usingers Sausage Plant

Clean Room FRP Panel

The Cleanroom FRP tile is great for food-prep areas, restauratants, chemical labs, cleanrooms and many more applications.  Waterproof and chemical-resistant.  Easy to install but has to be cut with power tools. The FRP Ceiling Panel will last for many years and meets all requirements for extreme Clean Room conditions.

Tile - USG Eclipse - 2x2, 2x4
USG Eclipse #76777 Drop Ceiling Tile
USG Eclipse #76775 Acoustical Ceiling Tile Picture
USG Eclipse #76779 Suspended Ceiling Tile
USG Eclipse 2x2 Ceiling Tile in Office Area

USG Eclipse

The USG Eclipse ceiling tile is a high-end mineral fiber tile that is one of the easiest to cut in the industry.  It's softness however, gives way to less durability. Eclipse features an orange peel texture as well as great acoustics.

USG Eclipse 2x2 Ceiling Tile #- 76575, 76775, 76777, 76779, 76975, 76979, 76977

USG Eclipse 2x4 Ceiling Tile #-  78575, 78775, 78975

PDF Spec. Sheet 1
Tile - USG Frost - 2x2, 2x4
USG 2x2 Frost #414 Ceiling Tile
USG 2x2 Frost #419 Drop Ceiling Tile In Car Dealership
USG Frost #440 Acoustical Ceiling Tile
USG Frost #490 High Light Reflectant Ceiling Tile in Office
USG 2x2 Frost #415 Fire Rated Suspended Ceiling Tile

USG Frost

The USG Frost ceiling tile is a high-end tile with a high CAC rating.  It is one of the most durable tiles on the market today!  Unsurpassed characteristics in almost all rated categories. Frost features a porous texture. It's only down fall is that it's not easy to cut.

2x2 USG Frost Ceiling Tile #- 400, 414, 415, 418, 419, 440, 490, 491

2x4 USG Frost Ceiling Tile #- 450, 460

PDF Spec. Sheet 1
Tile - USG Mars - 2x2, 2x4
Mars 2x2 Drop Ceiling Tile #86185 in Game Room
2x2 USG Mars Suspended Ceiling Tile #86785 w cloud light fixtures
USG 2x4 Mars #88785 Drop Ceiling Tile in 15/16 Ceiling Grid
USG 2x2 Mars #86785 Acoustical Ceiling Tile
USG 2x2 Mars #86985 Drop Ceiling Tile in 9/16 Ceiling Grid w Open Drop

USG Mars

The USG Mars ceiling tile is a high-end tile with a classy look that is great for both residential and commercial projects. Mars offers a fabric face that is one of the easiest ceiling tiles to install.

2x2 USG Mars Ceiling Tile #- 86185, 86785, 86985

2x4 USG Mars Ceiling Tile #- 88185, 88785, 88985

PDF Spec. Sheet 1
Tile - USG Eclipse Pedestals - 2x2, 2x4
USG Pedestals I #72715 Acoustical Ceiling Tile
USG Eclipse Pedestals #72715 Suspended Ceiling Tile
USG Eclipse Pedestals #72716 Drop Ceiling Tile in 15/16 Ceiling grid

USG Pedestals

The USG Pedestals ceiling tile is a high-end tile that offers a classical tiered edge look. Perfect for high-end basements, restaurants or banquet rooms! Pedestals is offered in 2x2 panel in version I or IV that looks like 12" x 12".

2x2 USG Pedestals I Ceiling Tile #- 72015, 72715

2x2 USG Pedestal IV Ceiling Tile #- 72215, 72716

2x4 USG Pedestals Illusion #- 78085. 78785

PDF Spec. Sheet 1
Tile - USG Sandrift - 2x2
USG 2x2 Sandrift #808 Drop Ceiling Tile
2x2 USG Sandrift w vertical drop
2x2 USG Sandrift #808 tegular ceiling tile
Basement Ceiling tile USG #808 Sandrift w ductwork boxed out
Basement Drop Ceiling Tile #809 USG Sandrift in 9/16 Ceiling Grid

USG Sandrift

The USG Sandrift ceiling tile is a high-end tile in a class of its own. It features a very unique look and is one of the most durable tiles on the market today with unsurpassed characteristics in almost all rated categories. 

2x2 USG Sandrift Ceiling Tile #- 808, 809

PDF Spec. Sheet 1
Tile - Armstrong Painted Nubby 2x2, 2x4

Armstrong Nubby

The Armstrong Nubby ceiling tile is a high-end, quality ceiling tile that installs quickly and easily and is designed for use in open spaces where high sound absorption is required, such as in an office or cafeteria.

2x2 Armstrong Nubby Ceiling Tile #- 3102, 3200, 3201

2x4 Armstrong Nubby Ceiling Tile #- 3101, 3103

PDF Spec. Sheet 1

Your Ceiling Tile Showroom for High Quality Drop Ceiling Tile

High-End Drop Ceiling Tile: Performance Guaranteed

High-end Ceiling tiles are the perfect choice for improving aesthetics and acoustical performance in your commercial or residential space. They come in both flat or reveal-edge (tegular) styles and because of their increased 3/4" thickness they sit further below the grid than the basic or mid-range drop ceiling tiles, giving you more of a dimensional look. In addition to reducing the transfer of sound from room to room, high-end ceiling tiles also offer higher resistance to humidity as well as higher sound absorption ratings, and can also brighten a space with higher light reflectivity. High-end suspended ceiling tiles offer all of these great features in their standard form. Refer to our video on Ceiling Tile Performance Ratings & Specifications to learn more.

High-end acoustical ceiling tiles are a step above the mid-range tiles in several categories. Typically the high-end ceiling tiles are thicker and will give you a higher sound absorption rating, something that is important in offices, conference rooms, theaters and restaurants. Some high-end drop tiles feature a fabric face rather than the painted face. The fabric face helps to reduce chipping which is occasionally a problem with painted-face ceiling tiles. Many high-end drop ceiling tiles tend to be easier to cut and create less dust, though an exception to this would be the USG Sandrift tile.

Time-tested brands like Armstrong’s Cirrus and the USG Pedestal tile ensure a great looking drop ceiling design. The Armstrong Cirrus has great sound absorption characteristics and installs easily for a revealed-edge ceiling tile. The USG Pedestal tile sits below the grid and gives a great dimensional look. Both top quality acoustical ceiling tiles have class A fire ratings, as do most drop ceiling tiles in our high-end selection.

Don't Want Your Ceiling To Look Like A Drop Ceiling?

Even a single room benefits from a ceiling tile upgrade. With an upgrage to a higher quality drop ceiling tile, your company’s conference room could become the place to be. Maybe your employees will even love going to meetings! High-end acoustical ceiling tiles are excellent for sprucing up offices, restaurants, and retail stores as well. You'll get away from that traditional look of a drop ceiling that many people don't like. If you prefer, you could add an acoustical cloud to give your basement or office a look that you can only find in high class places.

Besides the increased visual aesthetic, our high-end acoustical ceiling tiles also provide protection against mold and mildew. Additionally, a high percentage of the content is recycled which means you’re helping your business or home go green by upgrading. There isn’t a reason not to replace your ceiling.

Check out our full line of Ceiling Installation Videos to begin installing just like a professional.
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