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Mid Range Drop Ceiling Tiles

Showroom » Tiles » Mid Range
Tile - Armstrong Dune - 2x2, 2x4
Armstrong 2x2 Dune #1774 in Basement Stairwell Slope
Armstrong Dune 2x4 second look #2712 in Basement with Advanced Ceiling Drop
Armstrong 2x2 Dune #1774 in Basement with multiple ceiling drops
Armstrong 2x4 Dune #2722 Ceiling Tile in Retail Shop
Armstrong Dune #1775 Acoustical Ceiling Tile

Armstrong Dune 2x2 & 2x4

The Armstrong Dune ceiling tile is a nice mid-range tile if you prefer a less porous sand textured look.  It is also resistant to humidity at a reasonable price! 

2x2 Armstrong Dune Ceiling Tile #- 1772, 1774, 1775, 1850, 1852, 1853

2x4 Armstrong Dune Ceiling Tile #- 1773, 1776, 1777, 1851

PDF Spec. Sheet 1
Tile - Armstrong Georgian - 2x2, 2x4
Armstrong Georgian Drop Ceiling Tile #764
Armstrong 2x2 Georgian Drop Ceiling Tile
Armstrong Georgian #763 Flat Ceiling Tile

Armstrong Georgian Ceiling Tile

The Armstrong Georgian ceiling tile is a nice lower mid-range tile with a very defined and noticeable texture.  It is available in a washable face and is  resistant to humidity as well.

2x2 Armstrong Georgian Ceiling Tile #-764, 794, 796, 1750, 1752, 1753,

2x4 Armstrong Georgian Ceiling Tile #-763, 793, 795, 828, 898

PDF Spec. Sheet 1
Tile - Armstrong Second-Look - 2x4
2x4 Cortega Second Look
2x4 Armstrong Cortega Second Look Drop Ceiling Tile
Armstrong Cortega #2758 in White 15/16
2x4 Armstrong Cortega Suspended Ceiling Tile Close up
2x4 Armstrong Dune #2722 Drop Ceiling Tile
Armstrong Dune #2722 suspended ceiing tile in 15/16

Armstong Cortega

The Armstrong Second-Look drop ceiling tiles give you a 2x2 look in a 2x4 panel. Made in the same materials as the 2x2 Cortega, you'll save money by not installing the 2' cross tee. The Armstrong Cortega Second Look is an affordable tile for everyone and it looks great too!

2x4 Armstrong Second Look Ceiling Tile #- 2758, 2765, 2767, 2776

PDF Spec. Sheet 1 PDF Spec. Sheet 2
Tile - Armstrong Tundra - 2x2
2x2 Armstrong Tundra
2x2 & 2x4 Armstrong Tundra suspended Ceiling Tile
Armstrong Tundra Tegular Drop Ceiling Tile

Armstrong Tundra

The Armstrong Tundra ceiling tile is a mid-range tile with a defined and noticeable texture that is perfect for Budget residential or commercial office applications. It's available in either Flat or Tegular versions.

2x2 Armstrong Tundra Ceiling Tile #- 301, 303, 304, 839

2x4 Armstrong Tundra Ceilling Tile #- 302, 305, 840

PDF Spec. Sheet 1
Tile - CertainTeed Baroque Custom - 2x4
2x4 Certainteed Baroque Customline # BQCL 224
Certainteed 2x4 Ceiling Tile Looks Like 2x2
CertainTeed Drop Ceiling Tile # PQCLN 224
CertainTeed Baroque 2x4 Secondlook Acoustical Ceiling Tile

Certainteed Baroque Customline

The CertainTeed Baroque Custom ceiling tile offers a 2x2 look in a 2x4 panel at a price that you can afford!

Certainteed Baroque 2x4 Ceiling Tile #- BQCL 224, 448, 812

PDF Spec. Sheet 1
Tile - USG Astro 2x2, 2x4
USG Astro 2x2 Drop Ceiling Tile #8223
2x2 Astro #8227 w 9/16 narrow ceiling grid
2x2 USG Astro Suspended ceiling Tile #8221
USG Astro 2x4 #8247 Acoustical ceiling tile in vertical drop
Astro 2x2 Drop Ceiling tile in Ford Dealership
USG Astro 2x2 revealed edge ceiling tile in soffit

USG Astro

The USG Astro ceiling tile is a fantastic mid- to high-end tile.  It's easy to cut and is great for those who want a non-porous look on a price sensitive project.

2x2 USG Astro Ceiling Tile #- 8122, 8221 8223, 8227, 8322, 8722

2x4 USG Astro Ceiling Tile #- 8241, 8243, 8247, 8742, 8744 

PDF Spec. Sheet 1
Tile - USG Illusion - 2x4
USG Illusion Olympia Micro #4744 Ceiling Tile
USG Radar Illusion #2742 Ceiling Tile in Vertical Drop
USG Radar Illusion Ceiling Tile #2742
2x4 Ceiling Tile that looks like 2x2
USG Illusion IV #2882 Drop Ceiling Tile

USG Illusion

The USG Illusion ceiling tile is a great tile which offers a 2x2 look in a 2x4 panel at a price that is more affordable! Illusion is offered in Radar, Olympia Micro, Astro, & Millennia

USG Illusion Ceiling Tile #- 2742, 2842, 2844, 2882, 2884, 2852, 2854, 2862, 2864, 4742, 4744, 8742, 8744, 78780, 78080,

PDF Spec. Sheet 1 PDF Spec. Sheet 2
Tile - USG Olympia Micro - 2x2, 2x4
USG Olympia Micro #4221 Drop Ceiling Tile
USG Olympia Micro Illusion #4744 Suspended Ceiling Tile in 9/16 ceiling grid
USG Olympia Micro Illusion #4742 ceiling tile in 15/16 ceiling grid
USG 2x2 Olympia Micro #4421 Acoustical Ceiling Tile
2x2 Olympia Micro Drop Ceiling Tile #4221 in Vertical Suspended Ceiling Drop

USG Olympia Micro

The USG Olympia Micro ceiling tile is a nice mid-range tile if you prefer a less porous look.  It is also resistant to humidity and reasonably priced!

2x2 USG Olympia Micro Ceiling Tile #- 4211, 4221, 4231,

2x4 USG Olympia Micro Ceiling Tile #- 4411, 4421, 4431, 4742, 4744

PDF Spec. Sheet 1
Tile - Vinyl Sheetrock - 2x2, 2x4
2x4 vinyl sheetrock tile in bathroom
Washable vinyl coated ceiling tile in industrial shower
2x4 Clean room ceiling tile with vinyl laminated face in locker room

Vinyl Sheetrock Tile

The Vinyl Sheetrock tile is an economical Cleanroom tile perfect for commercial kitchens, bathrooms, food-prep and presentation areas, as well as other wet or humid locations.  Excellent value over the Armstrong VL Tiles and Fire Rated as well.

PDF Spec. Sheet 1

Basement Or Office Design Ideas for Drop Ceiling Tile

Mid-Range Ceiling Tiles: Classy at a Respectable Price

If you’re looking to be cost-effective with your drop ceiling tile installation, but don’t want the traditional porous look of the basic flat ceiling tile design, consider the mid-range tiles in the Strictly Ceilings® Drop Ceiling Tile Showroom. You will see that quality ceiling tiles are within your reach.

Mid-range drop ceiling tiles are great tiles for those who do not want the traditional look of a basic flat ceiling tile design, yet are also conscious of their budget. Made from the standard fiber-based material like the basic ceiling tile, one advantage of mid-range panels is they typically have less holes and fissures in the pattern of the tile, giving them a more modern look. Also, many mid-range drop ceiling tiles come in a tegular or reveal-edge style, which sits below the grid and will give you a 3-D dimensional look. Any mid-range suspended ceiling tile can also be bought as a flat panel. One key advantage of the mid-range ceiling tiles is they are resistant to humidity up to 94% in their standard form.

Drop Ceiling Tiles Designs from the Best in the Business

Mid-range suspended ceiling tiles designs are perfect for commercial ceilings requiring a quality look without the expensive price tag. Many tiles include higher resistance to humidity and a less porous, more modern look right out of the box. Our Drop Ceiling Tile Showroom features the top names in the business like Armstrong, USG and Certainteed. Armstrong’s Georgian tile is a great mid-range option with an NRC rating of .55. The USG Astro has a great modern look and is easy to install. The USG Olympia ceiling tile provides standard noise reduction and a sand texture look. Learn more about performance specifications by viewing our free Ceiling Tile Performance & Specifications video located under the How-to tab.

Looking For Drop Ceiling Tile Designs For Your Basement or Business

Mid-range drop ceiling tiles give a stylish upgrade at an affordable price. Companies are on a budget just as much as homeowners. This mid-range selection is ideal for conference rooms, corridors, offices, lobbies and reception areas. Your ceiling may be the first thing a client notices. A great-looking suspended ceiling tile makes your business look more professional. If you need your drop or suspended ceiling tiles replaced or simply want to repair the ceiling tiles you already have, check out our collection of mid-range ceiling tiles or check out our Ceiling Tile Installation and Repairing Ceiling Tiles video videos. Your budget will thank you!

Learn how to install drop ceiling tiles with the Strictly Ceilings® DIY Video Collection How-to video collection!
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