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Basic Drop Ceiling Tiles

Showroom » Tiles » Basic
Tile - Armstrong Cortega - 2x2, 2x4
Armstrong Cortega 2x4 flat Ceiling tile
2x4 Flat Drop Ceiling Tile, Armstrong Cortega #769
2x2 Tegular Ceiling Tile Armstrong #704
Armstrong 2x2 Cortega #704 Ceiling Tile
Armstrong 2x2 Drop Ceiling Tile Cortega #704
Armstrong 2x2 Drop Ceiling Tile Cortega #704

Armstrong Cortega Suspended Ceiling Tile

The Armstrong Cortega is a drop ceiling tile that is low cost for price sensitive projects. Cortega is a great tile for budget projects or where large amounts of square footage is required. It's standard pin hole and fissured design has been around for 40 years.

2x2 Armstrong Cortega Ceiling Tile #- 704, 770, 816, 824, 2195

2x4 Armstrong Cortega Ceiling Tile #- 703, 769, 823, 850, 2767, 2776

PDF Spec. Sheet 1
Tile - Armstrong Fine Fissured - 2x2, 2x4
Armstrong Fine Fissured Drop Ceiling Tile #1729
Armstrong Drop Ceiling Tile #1729
Armstrong Fine Fissured Ceiling Tile #1729
Armstrong 2x2 Fine Fissured #1732 Revealed Edge Ceiling Tile

Armstrong Fine Fissured 2x2, 2x4

The Armstrong Fine Fissured drop ceiling tile is a nice looking tile for price sensitive projects.  It is less porous and is also resistant to humidity.

2x2 Armstrong Fine Fissured Ceiling Tiles #-1713, 1717, 1719, 1728, 1732, 1734, 1810, 1820, 1821, 1831, 1833, 1835 

2x4 Armstrong Fine Fissured Ceiling Tiles#- 1714, 1729, 1733, 1811, 1830, 1824, 1834

PDF Spec. Sheet 1
Tile - CertainTeed Baroque - 2x2, 2x4
2x2 Certainteed Baroque #157 Flat Acoustical Ceiling Tile
2x2 CertainTeed Baroque #BET-154 Revealed Edge Ceiling Tile
2x4 Certainteed Baroque BET-197 Flat Drop Ceiling Tile
Certainteed BET-197 2x4 Flat Ceiling Panel

Certainteed Baroque

The CertainTeed Baroque ceiling tile is a great tile for price sensitive projects.  Cuts easy and is less dusty than other brands.

Certainteed Baroque 2x2 Ceiling Tile#- BET 150, BET 154, BET 157

Certainteed Baroque 2x4 Ceiling Tile #- BET 194, BET 197

PDF Spec. Sheet 1
Tile - USG Fissured - 2x2, 2x4
2x2 USG Fissured #506 Drop Ceiling Tile
Budget suspended Ceiling Tile #506 USG Fissured
USG Fissured #560, 506, 562
Texture of USG Fissured Ceiling Panel
Acoustical Ceiling Tile #560 USG Fissured
Tegular Drop Ceiling tile #506 Fissured in 15/16 ceiling grid

USG Fissured

The USG Fissured ceiling tile is a basic tile that is commonly used in office spaces and schools.  An economical choice for price sensitive projects.

2x2 USG Fissured Ceiling Tile #- 506, 560, 585

2x4 USG Fissured Ceiling Tile #- 507, 562, 586

PDF Spec. Sheet 1
Tile - Armstrong Fissured - 2x2, 2x4
Budget Ceiling Tile #705 Armstrong Fissured in Office
2x2 Flat Armstrong #756 Acoustical Ceiling Tile
2x2 Armstrong Fissured #705
Picture of Armstrong 2x2 #705 Drop Ceiling Tile
Armstrong #755 suspended Ceiling tile in Corridor

Armstrong Fissured

The Armstrong Fissured ceiling tile is a basic tile that is commonly used in office spaces.  An economical choice for price sensitive projects.

2x2 Armstrong Fissured Ceiling Tile #- 705, 756, 815, 896

2x4 Armstrong Fissured Ceiling Tile #- 755, 895

PDF Spec. Sheet 1
Tile - USG Radar - 2x2, 2x4
USG Radar 2x2 #2110 Squared Edge Drop Ceiling Tile
USG Radar 2x2 #2120 Tegular Ceiling Tile
USG Radar 2x2 #2220 Revealed Edge Ceiling Tile
USG Radar 2x4 #2310 Flat Acoustical Ceiling Tile

USG Radar

The USG Radar ceiling tile is a great ceiling tile for price sensitive projects. It installs quickly and has a typical pinhole, fissured design.

2x2 USG Radar Ceiling TIle #- 2110, 2115, 2120, 2125, 2121, 2130, 2210, 2215, 2220, 2225, 2207, 2227

2x4 USG Radar Ceiling Tile #- 2310, 2311, 2320, 2407, 2410, 2420, 2742

12x12 USG Radar Ceiling Tile #-2570, 2990

PDF Spec. Sheet 1

Premier Drop Ceiling Tile Design Center

An Economical Choice for Your Suspended Ceiling Installation

Drop Ceiling tile can get expensive quickly! You don’t necessarily need to spend an exorbitant amount of money for a quality ceiling tile. Basic drop ceiling tiles are your entry-level ceiling tile and are typically purchased as a 2x4 flat panel and made from a compressed fiber-based material. The 2x4 flat Drop ceiling panel is the most economical choice for any dropped or suspended ceiling installation, especially if you have a a lot of square foot area to cover. Most basic  drop ceiling tile designs offer you a porous look and are typically what you would find in school classrooms, hallways and cafeterias.

If you want a slightly different look while still maintaining your budget, you can also choose a 2x2 flat basic drop ceiling tile. All basic ceiling tiles are also offered in the tegular version, or more commonly known as a tegular or reveal-edge version. The reveal-edge tile sits below the grid work a little bit and will give you a 3-D dimensional look. Basic reveal-edge drop ceiling tiles will typically cost 50% more than basic flat ceiling tiles. As you look through the Strictly Ceilings® Drop Ceiling Tile Showroom, you will see that the textures from different manufacturers are usually the same or at least very similar to each other for the basic ceiling tiles.

As the least expensive option, basic drop ceiling tiles offer you the most wiggle room for your budget. Consider finishing your basement or office by covering up intruding pipes, beams, and ductwork without intruding on your wallet.

Suspended Ceiling Tile Basics from the Best in the Business

Strictly Ceilings® helps you with ceiling tile design ideas to choose a drop ceiling tile from the best in the business. In our drop ceiling tile showroom, you will see tile choices from the industry’s best manufacturers like Armstrong, CertainTeed and USG. A popular option is the Armstrong Cortega ceiilng tile which is economical and has a noise reduction coefficient (NRC) of .55. The USG Illusion has a light reflective rating of .84 and shares an NRC of .55. View our free video to learn more about ceiling tile performance & ratings

Have a Lot of Ceiling sq ft to Cover?

Basic drop ceiling tile is the best, most economical choice for offices, classrooms and hotels – if you have a lot of ceiling to cover! Imagine having the ceiling in your home or office installed at a lower price than you imagined. It would be nice to have that extra money in your pocket to go toward another project! With a basic ceiling tile, this can be a reality.

Learn professional installation and repair by viewing our Ceiling Tile Installation and Repairing Ceiling Tiles videos in the Strictly Ceilings® How-to video collection!
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