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Advanced Ceiling Drops

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Advanced Suspended Ceiling Drop Pictures
Advanced Suspended Ceiling Drop Pictures
Advanced Double drop of a suspended ceiling boxing out ductwork
Suspended ceiling drop metal frame
Basement ductwork boxout using drop ceiling material
Finished drop ceiling using a Professional Advanced Drop
Vertical drop built in Food Prep area using waterproof vinyl sheetrock Ceiling Tile
Picture of Advanced Vertical Suspended ceiling drop
Picture of Vertical Aluminum drop in acoustical ceiling
Modern suspended ceiling design using 6

Building an advanced ceiling drop is the most professional way to cover exposed ductwork, pipes, beams and other obstructions in your basement.  Advanced drops take a little longer to build than basic ceiling drops, but they give the illusion of a molded continuation of the ceiling. Learn how to build a professional ceiling drop from master Tim Chapel. No one knows how to install vertical ceiling drops like Tim

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Elegance When You Look Up

A basic ceiling drop doesn’t always address every need of a ceiling. Sometimes a more sophisticated approach is required. An advanced ceiling drop gives the appearance of the drop being an extension of the original ceiling instead of an addition. It’s a cleaner look, using as few angles on the drops as possible. It requires more time and labor, and in the end the extra effort is worth it.

An advanced drop can conceal unsightly wires, data lines or a sprinkler system in the office or cover the support beams or ductwork in your home’s basement. The beauty of the advanced drop is the variety of uses and solutions it offers. Advanced ceiling drops can be single or multi-level to fit the demands of the situation. The limit is your imagination. Remember: you can access elements hidden by your suspended ceiling by simply lifting the tile. Watch our video on Building Suspended Ceiling Drops – Advanced to learn more about installing advanced ceiling drops.

Before installing an advanced ceiling drop yourself, view our instructional How-To videos.
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