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Window Well Suspended Ceiling Slopes

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Basement Window Well Ceiling Slope Pictures
Basement Window Well Ceiling Slope Pictures
Simple basement drop ceiling window well slope
Commercial suspended ceiling window well slope
Close up of drop ceiling window well slope in basement
Suspended ceiling window well slope design
Drop ceiling window well slope metal framing
Picture of finished suspended ceiling window well slope in basement

Window Well slopes allow you to utilize the functionality of the window, as well as to benefit from the natural light from the window itself--something every basement could use a little more of! See pictures and learn how to build them right here at Strictly Ceilings.

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Shedding Light on Drop Ceiling Window Well Slopes


Improved Ceiling Function

When installing a suspended ceiling in a basement, there are always “What should I do here?” questions. The desire to preserve the natural light from a basement window often leaves a homeowner wondering what to do. Sadly, most homeowners and even professional installers never take the time to maximize the full benefit of a basement window and simply install a suspended ceiling straight across the window. This leaves the ceiling exposed to rodents and insects looking to find a great home between your ceiling space and floor joists. Strictly Ceilings® can show you how to seal off this space by building a slope off the window. Similar to other types of ceiling drops, you will also benefit from natural light by building a window well slope. Another advantage is the improved aesthetics when you see how a properly built window well slope adds a finished, dimensional look to your room.

Learn how to easily build a window well slope by viewing our video Building Window Well Slopes on our How-To page.
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