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Stairwell Suspended Ceiling Slopes

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Stairwell Ceiling Slopes Pictures
Stairwell Ceiling Slopes Pictures
Basement Stairwell Slope using Armstrong Dune #1774
Picture of Basment Stairwell slope to increase headroom
Basement drop ceiling stairwell slope frame members
USG Ceiling tile #2310  in basement stairwell slope
How to build a stairwell slope in your basement to increase headroom
Full View Of Drop Ceiling Stairwell Slope In Basement
Stairwell Slope w Armstrong #1912

Stairwell ceiling slopes are vital when installing a drop ceiling into your basement.  They provide the added clearance needed when descending the staircase into the basement. They are sometimes complicated to build but you can learn how to build them right here at Strictly Ceilings. Check out our pictures and videos to make it as easy as possilbe!

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Make Headroom For Your Basement With A Suspended Ceiling Stairwell Slope

Maybe you’ve hesitated to add a drop ceiling in your basement because when you come down the stairs your not sure if there is enough headroom for a suspended ceiling installation. If you want to maintain the headroom at the bottom of your stairs, let Strictly Ceilings help you! We can show you how to design and build a stairwell slope to maintain maximum headroom at the bottom of your stairs using the traditional suspended ceiling materials.

Check out our video Building Stairwell Slopes in our How-to section for step-by-step instruction!
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