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Basic Suspended Ceiling Drops

Basic Ceiling Drop Pictures
Basic Ceiling Drop Pictures
Vertical suspended ceiling drop Frame members
Picture of partially finished basic suspended ceiling drop
Basic suspended ceiling drop in basement
Drop ceiling covering ductwork and piping in basement
Picture of basic suspended ceiling drop in basment
Installing hold down clips on the back of vertical ceiling tiles in a suspended ceiling drop
Installing ceiling tiles in a vertical drop for a suspended ceiling

Basic ceiling drops are the fastest and easiest way to cover ductwork, pipes and other obstructions in your basement. View pictures of basic suspended ceiling drop and learn how to build them right here at Strictly Ceilings.

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Basement Ceiling Drop Installation Specialists

Basic Suspended Ceiling Drop: A Simple Way to a Better Looking Interior

A ceiling drop is a great way to cover ductwork, beams and piping in you basement. Modernizing your interior doesn’t need to be complicated' Strictly Ceilings® understands this. Timothy Chapel drop ceiling expert, instructs you on adding a basic ceiling drop as an option in our video entitled Building Suspended Ceiling Drops – Basic. Whether you want a finished basement or to replace the office ceiling, adding a drop can be aesthetically and practically pleasing. It’s elegant in its simplicity.

Basic drops are great for covering up ugly ductwork or exposed piping in residential basements. Basements or other interior rooms often have ceiling height restrictions. A suspended ceiling drop – even a minor one – will help alleviate these clearance issues. Strictly Ceilings helps you teaches you how to install a suspended ceiling drop just like a professional! Click here to watch our video Building Suspended Ceiling Drops Basic

Advantages to a Basic Suspended Ceiling Drop

Hiding mechanical systems or wiring for a home theater is an advantage to installing a ceiling drop. Keep in mind you’ll still have access to these after the ceiling tile is installed. Better acoustics and sound reduction are other benefits of a suspended drop. Better still, a suspended ceiling has an insulating effect, providing you energy savings. Don’t let budgetary concerns or time constraints stop you from improving your home. To find out more about the performance and features of ceiling tiles, check out our free video on Ceiling Tile Performance & Specifications.

Visit our How-To ceiling installation video guide for step-by-step instructions on basic drops and other ceiling styles.
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